Jacksonville Jaguars: Why MJD Will Not Be Traded


Back in July, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Jaguar’s franchise back Maurice Jones-Drew, would not be reporting to training camp, thus meaning he would be holding out.  Owner Shad Khan stood his ground, stating that the team would not restructure MJD’s deal.

Jones-Drew current deal has two years left on it, where he is expected to make $9.4 million in those next two years. It seems disrespectful to not pay top five money for the NFL’s leading rusher, right?

Wrong. However, MJD and his agent Adisa Bakari don’t think so.

On August 21st,  Adam Schefter once again broke news (via Twitter), that MJD was open to be traded. Rumors now have at least three to four teams that are interested, which includes the Detroit Lions, New England Patriots, New York Jets and Washington Redskins. Still, through all of this, it is reported that if MJD does not get traded that he is willing to “bridge the fractured relationship“.

The question through all the drama is, how will the holdout be resolved?

First, I really can’t see the Jaguars trading their franchise running back. If they were going to trade Jones-Drew, they would get nothing back that would make them a better team for the future. Second, any team willing to trade for Jones-Drew would be getting an aging back, that has plenty of miles on him. Last year, MJD carried the ball 343 times last year, which lead the league. In six years with the Jaguars he has averaged 247 carries.

Also, the NFL has turned into a passing league. Look at the New York Giants. They won the Superbowl last year and had the worst rushing attack in the NFL. The Patriots, were ranked 20th. No more do you need that dominant running back to get you to the Superbowl.

In the end, Jones-Drew loses. The Jaguars are more than happy to play without him and it seems like they are not willing to trade him. Once the regular season starts and he starts losing a few paychecks, expect him to be back in a Jaguars uniform, carrying the entire team on his back.