NFL: Week 2 Duds

As I write this after last night’s game against the New York Giants and Carolina Panthers and I can already tell you that the Panthers will be a week three dud. I’m getting ahead of myself. Here are the week two duds.

The Replacement Refs

“Hey LeSean, I need you for my fantasy team!” Wait, what? Apparently, that is what one replacement ref said to Eagles running back LeSean McCoy last Sunday. Plus, the refs missed a few calls in key moments during games. Also, did you guys notice the extra circular activities that occurred after the whistle? Plenty of pushing and shoving, still the NFL seems content with these referees. Barring a huge injury that is not needed these refs no matter how bad they screw up seem to be permanent.

Josh Morgan

Josh Morgan during the week preparing for the St. Louis Rams said Cortland Finnegan is someone who likes to play mind games. That Sunday, Finnegan got into the head of Morgan, in which Morgan retaliated by throwing the ball into the helmet of Finnegan. He got a 15-yard penalty and cost the Redskins the game. He was fined and is also receiving death threats via Twitter. Clearly a week he would like to forget.

Stephen Gostkowski

Normally I lay off of kickers. They already have so much pressure on them, no need to add-on more; however this should have been an easy one for Gostkowski. Sure it was a 40-plus yard kick, but it was right in the center of the field and when he kicked it, it wasn’t even close. Now the Patriots are 1-1 and everyone doubts this team.

Mark Sanchez

Just as I praised him last week, this week I am critiquing him this week. Mark Sanchez looked flat-out terrible. Only 10 competitions. That is not going to get it done for the Jets, as so far their running game has struggled.

Greg Schiano

“I don’t know if that’s not something that’s not done in the National Football League, but what I do with our football team is we fight until they tell us ‘Game over’”, stated Bucs coach Greg Schiano when he defended his team knocking down Giants quarterback Eli Manning during a kneel down with four seconds left in the game. Coach, give it up. Don’t be mad that your team blew a first half lead. Just down do it. It might not be illegal, but it is dirty. If that was your quarterback you would be fine with that? I think not.