NFL: Week 3 Duds

Replacement Refs

For the second week in a row (and hopefully the last time ever), we find replacement refs on the dud list. Everything was running smoothly, until the Sunday night football game, and the Monday night football game. The New England Patriots vs. the Baltimore Ravens had a lot of extracurricular activity that could have gotten someone hurt. Not to mention the ending field goal, that looked like it may have missed, but refs stormed off the field, sure it was good. We all know what happened Monday night, which may have been one cause of the current lock-out ending. Hooray for us NFL fans!

Cam Newton

Last year Cam Newton was a star in the making. He was an electric player to watch. He built hype around the Carolina Panthers, something they’ve been missing for a while. However, his second year in the league has been a blackout. Not only did him and his team get stomped out by the defending Superbowl champions, the Charlotte media is starting to turn on Cam, as you can see from the cartoon above.

Jim Schwartz

Instead of kicking the field goal, Jim Schwartz and the Detroit Lions decided that on 4th down that they would try to draw the Tennessee Titans offside. At least that is what Schwartz thought. Instead Shaun Hill snapped the ball and tries to run a sneak that got stuffed. After a successful season last year in which the team made the playoffs, the Lions are 1-2 and struggling.

New Orleans Saints

Is it possible that Sean Payton can win an MVP award? The Saints are 0-3, something I thought I would never say this season or any season in which Drew Brees was the starting quarterback. Losing to the Kansas City Chiefs has to be a low point. One key stat I heard…the last three teams the Saints have played are 0-6 against the other teams they have played besides the Saints. Is that mind-blowing or what?

Matt Schaub’s Ear

Houston Texan’s quarterback Matt Schaub showed great toughness Sunday against the Denver Broncos when he got nailed by linebacker Joe Mays. Video evidence of hit and ear chunk missing can be seen here. First time I ever seen a hit cause someone to lose an ear, but good for Matt Schaub only missing one play. However, bad for his ear chunk that is somewhere in Colorado right now all by its lonesome.

Photo Courtesy: Charlotte Observer