NBA: Justin Bieber in 2K13….WHY?

First, I’m not afraid to admit I am a fan of Justin Bieber music. Currently, I have eight songs on my I-Pod and yes, at one time I did write in a text message “Yo those JB songs are hot”! That’s a whole other story, but for now, let me write about the point of this article.

NBA 2K13 which came out today featured Justin Bieber and other various celebrities such as Mac Miller, Pauly D, JB Smoove, Sean Kingston and Wale.  Together they make up a celebrity team, similar what you would see during the All-Star break festivities. While, I’m fine with rappers being in the game (since hip-hop and the NBA is so intertwined) I’m still perplexed at Justin Bieber being placed in the game.

All in all I think the celebrity team feature was an awful idea. I play the NBA 2K series to play as a certain basketball player or play as myself. I don’t want to play as Justin Bieber.

Yes, Justin Bieber has some skills (or at least he showed some skills when he played in a celebrity game) but, it irks me to think that little J. Biebs could be dunking on LeBron James or other NBA players much like he did in this video.

All in all the game is completed and out now.  It’s going to sell no matter what since it is the only basketball video game out (whatever happened to NBA Live?). However, my one gripe with the game is the celebrity team feature, mainly letting Justin Bieber in the game. I wonder if NBA 2K series is running out of bright ideas or if they are looking to expand their demographics to little girls age 4-12.

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