NFL: Week 4 Studs

The NFL season is a quarter of the way completed. Plenty of highlights and great performances, along with some surprises and disappointments along the way. It’s been a great four weeks, so let’s keep on moving along as we now present the week four studs.

Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler may have the biggest ego of any NFL quarterback currently in the league, but when the man is given time, he is a gun slinger. He showed his gun of an arm against the Cowboys secondary as he shredded them 275 yards and two touchdowns. Great performances like that make Jay Cutler a top ten quarterback in this league. Also, I give the man props for coming home to this every chance he gets. The defense you ask…well they intercepted Tony Romo five times and made the Cowboys look like cowgirls. With that, Cutler and the Chicago Bears are sitting pretty in the NFC North as they are tied for first place.

Minnesota Vikings

Staying in the same division who would ever think that the Minnesota Vikings would be tied for first place with the Bears. I guarantee no one, not even their own fans. With that said, the Vikings have been a great surprise this year. Christian Ponder is continuing to play great football, and it looks like Adrian Peterson is back to his old self, especially after his 102 yard performance against the Detroit Lions.  The defense is top 15 in both pass (14th) and run defense (7th). Can they continue their winning ways? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Arizona Cardinals

They were losing 10-0 to the Miami Dolphins in the second quarter of Sunday’s game; however they came all the way back to win it. Some people think Kevin Kolb should be MVP of the league. I say slow down on that statement, but so far what he has done is very impressive. People all across America are falling in love with this team. They are a great team. Two things to watch for: can they improve their running game (29th rank) and can they do well against some of the harder teams in their schedule (Minnesota, San Francisco, Green Bay, Atlanta). If they can win at least two of those games (especially San Francisco) they have an easy schedule where they can punch their tickets to the playoffs.

Houston Texans

Houston Texans….Superbowl favorites? Yes, everyone seems to love this team as well. While they have a better chance than the Cardinals, let’s hold off on the Superbowl hype. Team is top ten in rushing (9th) and opponents passing yards (2nd). Arian Foster is fourth in rushing (380 yards) and Matt Schaub is third in quarterback rating (105.3). With a weak division in the AFC South, Houston should have no problem winning 13 or more games.

Atlanta Falcons

Remember when the Atlanta Falcons were mocked last year for only putting up two points against the New York Giants in the playoffs? I’m sure a lot of people do, but the Falcons are making of plenty people forget. After an impressive pass last week from his own end zone, Matt Ryan is making a great case for MVP. He’s first in quarterback rating and second in touchdowns. He’s on pace for 44 touchdowns, which he can hit with the receiving core he has in Roddy White, Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez. Much like the AFC South, the NFC South is weak as well which means the Falcons should win the division. Atlanta Falcons verse the Houston Texans for the Superbowl? Plenty of season left, but each week it’s looking more and more like that.