NFL: Week 4 Duds

Cleveland Browns

The Browns are one team to not win a game. It is understandable considering they have a rookie quarterback staring for them behind the center. The Browns have the New York Giants this week which is nearly a guarantee they will be 0-5.

New Orleans Saints

The Saints are another without a single win. Clearly, Bountygate has a bigger effect on the Saints then we expected. Right now the Saints are more like the “Ain’ts”. Or the Ne Orleans Saints, because they don’t have any “W’s”. All horrible jokes aside, the only bright spot on this team is Drew Brees who has a chance this Monday at history, as he goes for 48 straight games with a touchdown pass. Currently he is tied with Johnny Unitas with 47 straight games.

Tony Romo

I’ve never thought of Tony Romo as an elite quarterback in the NFL and he may have proved my thought Monday when he threw five interceptions against the Chicago Bears. Sure, Miles Austin and Dez Bryant didn’t help Romo at all, but in a league where quarterbacks are praised so much, Romo deserves all the blame in this case.

New York Jets

Getting shutout at home is never a good sign for any team. Losing two of your best players for the season is an even worse sign. Carlos Rodgers claimed that the Jets “kinda seemed like, after a while they just, I know, looking at their defense, they didn’t want to be out there”. Have the Jets quit? I don’t think so, but I think they are starting to turn on Rex Ryan. The fans are turning on Mark Sanchez. Shouldn’t be long before we see Tim Tebow, who played in week 5 last year.

Ryan Tannehill and Cam Newton

Both guys played well Sunday. Tannehill threw for over 400 yards, and Newton has over 200 yards and two touchdowns. However Tannehill threw two interceptions and a fumble which helped the Arizona Cardinals come back. Cam Newton also had a costly fumble, which allowed the Atlanta Falcons come back. Costly timed fumbles will always hurt your team in the end, and these two young quarterbacks are proof.

Photo Courtesy: AP Photo