NFL: Week 5 Duds

Kansas City Chief’s Fans

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I suggestion you watch Eric Winston’s rant. A very powerful speech and I agree with Winston. No need to cheer Matt Cassell getting knocked out, no matter how bad he has been. I’m sure not every Chief’s fan was doing it, but to the select few who did…grow up.

Michael Vick

It’s been a very bad season for Michael Vick even though the Philadelphia Eagles are 3-2. He has thrown six interceptions and has fumbled the ball plenty of times, including two in a lost against the Pittsburg Steelers. One of those fumbles was inside the five yard line. While the Eagles are tied for first, Michael Vick needs to cut down on those turnovers or his team will have a hard time making the playoffs.

Arizona Cardinals

You would never guess that the Arizona Cardinals were a 4-0 team when the played the St.Louis Rams last Thursday night. They looked bad on both sides of the ball, especially on offense. Kolb got sacked eight times, knocked down plenty of others. Can we see the Cards bounce back?

Jared Gaither

The Chargers had a chance at the end for a comeback, but that was all stopped thanks to offensive lineman Jared Gaither. The 6-9 335 offensive lineman towards the end of the game was having problems with his leg. Instead of coming off the field, like a normal player would, he hobbled back to the line, got torched by the defensive lineman Martez Wilson, who came up with the strip sack and fumble recovery to end the game. Now the San Diego Chargers stand at 3-2.

Joe Flacco

I really like Joe Flacco, but on Sunday he looked like a lost puppy. Only completing 48 percent of his passes, Flacco threw for 187 yards and one interception against a weak Kansas City team. The Ravens won 9-6, but I am reluctant to name Flacco as an elite quarterback in the NFL. Can he bounce back against the Dallas Cowboys and their struggling quarterback Tony Romo?

Photo Courtesy: Washington Post (Colin E. Braley / AP)