MLB Postseason 2012: Predicting the World Series Champion

My second round of predictions I was perfect, picking the Detroit Tigers and the San Francisco Giants. First, congrats to both teams moving on to the World Series. Now it’s time to predict the winner of the World Series, but first I’m going to make an argument for both teams as to why they can win the World Series. After that, I will reveal the winner.

Detroit Tigers

The key to winning a World Series is pitching and that is exactly what the Detroit Tigers have. The Tigers’ starting pitchers ERA was 1.02 and the entire pitching staff has struck out 9.4 batters per nine innings. All of that is compared to the Giants’ starting pitchers having a 3.88 ERA. Sure, the Tigers may have had an easy-going against the slumping New York Yankees, but they feature the best 1-2 punch in the playoffs with Justin Verlander and Doug Fister. Let’s not forget the Tigers have some huge bats in the line-up which includes Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera. When you have the best pitcher in the game and a player who just got the Triple Crown (the first in 45 years), it is safe to say you’re in a good position. Let’s not forget the Tigers are also well rested. Compared to the Giants who have played 12 games, the Tigers have only played nine.  Sure it hurt them back in 2006, but this team is much better especially with a more experienced Justin Verlander, who was a rookie in 2006. The biggest key of the series is the Tigers at home. They are currently undefeated at 4-0. If they can just win one of the first two games at San Francisco, they are sitting pretty with three straight home games. If that doesn’t convince you, do you really trust Matt Cain (2-2 3.52 ERA) in a game seven, over Justin Verlander (3-0 .74 ERA)? I didn’t think so.

San Francisco Giants

They may have the home field advantage, but I feel many believe they are the underdog. Personally, I think they like it that way. Sure, the pitching has been a bit shaky especially from Tim Lincecum (keep him in the bullpen please), but the Giants keep on fighting. How? They simply pour on the offense. In their three straight victories against the Cardinals, the Giants outscored them 20 to 1. It seems like offense is coming from everyone. Whether it’s Buster Posey, Hunter Pence or even Marco Scutaro, this team is just knocking the ball around. The Tigers have not experienced this hot of hitting. Also, while the Tigers may have been in the World Series before, so have the Giants two years ago and they won it all. Have the Tigers? Nope! The Giants also have history by their side. Sure, the Tigers are well rested, but three times in the past, the World Series has matched a team that went to Game 7 in the LCS against a club that swept its series. All three times, the team that came off a game 7 victory has won the World Series. It’s called momentum and that is what the Giants have.  Sure the Tigers may be great at home, but the Giants like to play away. Currently, they are 4-2, in road playoff games. Last but not least, the Giants have a reliable in Sergio Romo (1.17 ERA with a win and a save) compared to Jose Valverde, who hasn’t pitched in 11 days and has a blown save, loss and ERA of 27.00.

My Pick

While both teams have had a long journey to get to this point and both teams are well deserving of the World Series, give me the Detroit Tigers. I can’t go against that starting pitching. Much like football, where they say defense wins championships, I truly believe pitching wins championships. Happened the last two years with the St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants who both won, due to great pitching against a high-octane offensive team in the Texas Rangers, but a weak pitching team.