NFL: Week 7 Duds

Matthew Stafford & Calvin Johnson

Yes, no one has been able to compete well against the Chicago Bears fierce defense, but for two players who had career years last year, you think they would try to step their game up a bit. Both have struggled throughout the season, but I’m just pointing this out now. Matthew Stafford is currently on pace for 13 touchdown passes after having 41 a season ago. Calvin Johnson, currently one touchdown catch in six games. Too early to say Calvin Johnson is cursed by the Madden cover? Yikes! Detroit last year, was one of the most lethal offenses in the league. This year no one is afraid of them. They are honestly lucky to have two wins this season. Things better change soon for the Lions.

Cam Newton

If you’ve haven’t seen Cam’s week 7 post game conference, I suggest you check it out here. It provides some great sound bites, but it is all trash. Cam Newton wants change from the players and coaches among other things, which includes a suggestion box. Anyway, I disagree with Warren Moon who states it’s a racial thing. It’s not. Cam is in the spotlight more compared to other struggling QB’s like an Andy Dalton and Matthew Stafford. He doesn’t know when to shut his mouth. He’s been running it since his days at Auburn. It’s a sophomore slump, I understand that, but Newton needs to grow up or he’ll continue to struggle and the media will criticize him even more.

Andy Dalton

Speaking of sophomore slumps, that it what Andy Dalton is going through. Considering he plays in the same division as the Ravens and Steelers who have two tremendous defenses, he is bound to struggled, but not this bad. Against the Pittsburg Steelers, Dalton only had 105 yards and a touchdown. The Bengals have lost three straight and Marvin Lewis may be on the coaching hot seat.

Joe Flacco & the Baltimore Ravens

Maybe I should cut the Ravens some slack since they are missing Ray Lewis, Lardarius Webb and Haloti Ngata on defense. What happened to the offense? They do still have Ray Rice, Joe Flacco and Torrey Smith all healthy right? Joe Flacco continues his trek as one of the most overrated quarterbacks in my eyes in the NFL after his performance in week 7. He threw for 147 yards a touchdown and two interceptions against a Texans secondary that got torched by Aaron Rodgers last week. Flacco and the Ravens are possibly in trouble in the next few weeks.

Vincent Jackson

Vincent Jackson had a very good week 7. Seven catches for 216 yards and a touchdown. So why is he on the dud list? After a beautiful pass from Josh Freeman, Jackson was all alone and running full speed ahead down the sidelines. However, slowly but surely he runs out of gas and gets caught by Malcolm Jenkins. What’s worse? The Buccaneers didn’t score. You’re having a great year Vincent Jackson, but you cost your team. Play can be seen here.