NFL: Week 8 Duds

Tony Romo

I may have praised the Dallas Cowboys’ receiving core for their performance against the New York Giants, but Tony Romo is not getting the same treatment. Instead he appears on the dud list, for his four interceptions. Sure he had over 300 yards of passing and had a chance to win the game at the end, but his four interceptions royally screwed his team (putting it lightly). Not to mention it’s never good to give up a pick six and a huge lost to a division rival.

San Diego Chargers

What’s worse than only scoring seven points? Only scoring six points. That is what Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers did against the Cleveland Browns. The Chargers are fading in the wrong direction as Norv Turner and Philip Rivers are both on the hot seat.

St. Louis Rams

After coming off a huge and impressive victory against the Arizona Cardinals and only losing to the Packers by ten, the St. Louis Rams looked like fools in London. 45-points were put up on the Rams. It was a feast for the Patriots and a famine for the Rams, who on the offensive side of the ball were only able to put up seven points.

Christian Ponder

Unlike the other sophomore quarterbacks that have been playing this year, Christian Ponder was playing solid football for the first place Minnesota Vikings. That of course was until he went against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday night. Ponder looked bad only completing 54 percent of his passes and throwing an interception.

Jamaal Charles

To be fair, the Kansas City Chiefs in general are horrible; however the one bright spot is running back Jamaal Charles. Still, he was shut down. Sure the Chiefs were down most of the game, but when he did run, he didn’t gain much. He had ten carries for eight yards. Much like the Chiefs season it is a game that he would like to forget.