NBA’s 5 Best Value Rookie Card’s

My childhood revolved around baseball cards. I have organized my cards 500 different ways with 30/40 binders/crates/shoebox combos. I would buy the Beckett Baseball Pricing guide every year to see if my cards miraculously appreciated in value (they never did) and I was really excited about the prospect of MLB Showdown (only to be let down with the actual Dungeons and Dragons-esque experience.) I was obsessed.
The most ballyhooed commodity in all of sports trading cards was the rookie card. The values are significantly higher than other cards and that’s where the money really is at. It made you fans of players but, not in the way the a fantasy team does, a season long short term fanhood that will eventually lead to either love or disgust (go kill yourself D’Angelo Williams.) When you have a players rookie card you become a fan of them for life. I’m still hoping that Richie Sexton can make me a millionaire but, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.
We can now act as prospective buyers for players on the rise. If you were wise enough to buy a Lebron James Rookie card in 2003 you’d now have a $210 dollar card. Price* and will be taken into account (i.e I’d rather have a $5 Carmelo rookie than a $10 Dwight Howard Card). Here are the 5 NBA rookie cards I would buy right now.

5) Damien Lillard ($3.50)- 19 pts,  7 assists and a respectable 32% from behind the arc ain’t a bad way to start an NBA career. While those numbers are impressive the real compelling thing about Lillard is that he’s got a motor. The guy never stops moving. He’s an athletic freak who will take opposing old (or white) point guards and just destroy them. He’s also alongside Lamarcus Aldridge and Nicolas Batum who could’ve easily made this list as well.

4) Marc Gasol ($2)- 7 ft, 265 lbs. That’s what you need to know about Gasol. In a league where the center is dying Gasol’s value will only increase over time. This guy was a scrub in Europe and has only been playing good basketball for 4 years. His value will only go up. Also, he’s a wierd looking dude so that’s added value right there.

3) Johny Flynn ($.75) Just kidding he’s playing in Australia.
3) Demarcus Cousins ($1.75) Demarcus is a beast but he’s stranded on the Kings. It looks like they are going to end the Tyreke experiment so hopefully he gets a more competent pg. This also comes down to the fact I’d rather get Demarcus for $1.75 than Anthony Davis for $25. Davis is going to be a good player but his game isn’t sexy and when it’s all said and done his card will only depreciate in value.

2) Kyrie Irving ($10)- Kyrie Irving looks to be gunning for the spot as best point gaurd in the league. The case could easily be made that he’s the best point gaurd in the entire East. His supporting cast can only get better then this shabby crew. Did I mention that he’s 20?

1) Kevin Durant ($12)- Best value on any investment you will ever make. with Harden gone he’s only going to do more and he’s going to be remembered as one of the all-time greats. Take out loans to buy 80 of these. By the way, Durant is only 24 years old. This card will be worth at least $50 when it’s said and done.


*Prices were taken from an aggregate of different prices from Amazon.