NFL: Week 9 Duds

Tennessee Titans

Not only is losing to the Chicago Bears 51-20 a bad week for the Titans, but they couldn’t hold on to the ball either. They fumbled six times, losing it four times and also Matt Hasselbeck threw an interception. If that isn’t bad enough, how is a block punt returned for a touchdown? Yes, all of it was against the Bears defense, the best in the league, but still a weak performance from the Titans no the less.

Mike Shanahan

After the Redskins lost to the Carolina Panthers, falling to 3-6, head coach Mike Shanahan seems all but ready to give up on this season. “Now you’re playing to see who obviously is going to be on your football team for years to come,” said Shanahan. Statistically the Redskins are not out of the playoffs, but it is a long shot. Still, it’s never a good sign to see your coach talking about the future as opposed to the present.

Cleveland Browns

Lately the Cleveland Browns have been playing well. I have no beef with the team themselves, but the play-calling last Sunday was lackluster to say the least. Many times they were in their opponent’s end of the field and couldn’t get a touchdown out of it. The results?  Five field goals and a lost.

Eli Manning

Eli Manning is heading into November where him and the New York Giants have struggled in the past. They played against the Steelers and blew a lead. Manning struggled only throwing for 125 yards and an interception. Eli has to turn it around before the Giants collapse and have to fight for their lives much like last year.

Dez Bryant

Slowly the Cowboys are falling apart, much like every team in the NFC East. A main reason is their offense is struggling, especially the passing game. It starts with Tony Romo, but Dez Bryant has failed to play consistently his entire career. Bryant against the Eagles only had one catch for 17 yards. I don’t like Tony Romo, but how is he supposed to succeed when his number one target is non-existent?

Kansas City Chiefs/Jacksonville Jaguars

Both teams are fighting for the worse record in the NFL. This also means these two are fighting for the first overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft. Both teams gave up 31 points and lost by a large margin. 2012 is a year they would like to forget.