NFL: Week 10 Duds

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders got stomped out by the Baltimore Ravens 55-20. What’s worse is that Joselio Hanson had the nerve to smack talk with Ravens wide receiver Anquan Bolden, who simply pointed to the scoreboard which read 41-17. Full video can be seen here.

New York Giants

As Fall turns into Winter and October becomes November, two things fall apart. First, the leaves on trees and second the New York Giants. Once again the Giants proved that November is not their month. After losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers last week, they lost to the Cincinnati Bengals this week. The win ended the Bengals four game losing streak. For the Giants, they should be happy they have one less week to play in November with a bye week in week 11.

Ryan Tannehill

24-year-old Ryan Tannehill has a bright future, but has been very inconsistent his first year in the league, which is expected. After throwing for 290 yards and a touchdown in week nine against the Colts, Tannehill followed that performance up with a three interception game this week against the Tennessee Titans. Be patient Miami fans, Tannehill has a bright future I think, although his 11 interceptions to six touchdowns doesn’t look that impressive right now.

Alex Smith/Jay Cutler/ Ben Roethlisberger/Michael Vick

It was not a good week to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. All four guys listed above left their games due to injury. Cutler, Smith, Vick all suffered concussions and Smith may be the only one cleared to play. Big Ben on the other hand has a shoulder/rib injury, which could keep him out for a huge chunk of the remaining season. You never want to see players get injured, especially when it is dealing with concussions. Wish all of them recover fast and get back on the field soon.

St. Louis Rams/San Francisco 49ers

It was a great football game between these two football teams. They only problem is we couldn’t get a winner from this game. Both teams settle for a tie, the first since 2008. The standings might read that these two teams tied, but I feel both teams lost with this dumb NFL rule that has not changed, but should be changed after this season.