College Basketball: 3 Questions Answered For The Season

We are four weeks into the college basketball seasons. Sure, this article may be a little late, but I believe these are the three questions that all college basketball fans ask throughout the year. I’m just here to answer and guide fans through all of the chaos throughout the year.

 1. Who Are The Players To Watch?

Honestly, there are three answers for that question. First, I’ll go with Peyton Siva, the senior point guard from Louisville.  Through six games he is only averaging 10.3 points per game, but the last two games against ranked opponents he has posted 13 and 19 points respectfully. One aspect of Siva’s game that has to improve is his shooting, mainly from the three-point line. If he can improve on that he can very well average anywhere from 15 to 18.5 points per game to go along with six assists per game.

Second, is Cody Zeller, the seven-footer from the number one team in the nation, Indiana. Last year, he was very impressive as a freshman on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. This year, he is the Hoosiers leading scorer and rebounder in the early season. If he continues with his strong play by season’s end, many NBA scouts will be hoping Zeller decides to forgo his junior year and go to the NBA. He’s currently a top five pick no doubt.

Last we go to California and take a look at Shabazz Muhammad. The top rated freshman turned some heads when he decided to commit to UCLA. Despite the investigation, Muhammad is on the court for the Bruins and has looked good in three games scoring 15/21/15 respectfully. Only problem, is he has no team around him, which can cause him to struggle if he is doubled or even triple teamed during games. Still, he is a player to watch, especially if he is supposed to be the first pick in the NBA 2013 draft.

2. What Team Is Under The Radar?

I may be a bit bias, but I really like this year’s Gonzaga Bulldogs. I’ve always been a fan of Gonzaga since the Adam Morrison days and this year they have looked great. They are currently ranked 12th in the nation with six straight wins. They don’t have to hard of a schedule, but there are some bumps in the road. Those “bumps” include #22 Illinois, Kansas State, Baylor (all home), at #15 Oklahoma State and at Butler. Also, conference clashes against St. Mary’s and BYU could provide problems for the Bulldogs. Still, if they can split against BYU and St. Mary’s pull out wins against K-State, Illinois and Oklahoma State, the Bulldogs can be a shoe in for top ten or even top five by season’s end.

3. Who Are The Five Best Teams in the Nation?

Honestly, after the smack down Indiana put on North Carolina last night, I think Indiana will remain the best team in the nation when the season winds down in February. After that, I also believe Duke is the second best, especially with the ACC not being the ACC of old. Those are the only two teams I’m really confident about. The rest of the top teams in college basketball all have question marks. To answer the question however, I’ll say that season’s end the top five will look like this:

  1. Indiana Hoosiers
  2. Duke Blue Devils
  3. Kentucky Wildcats
  4. Syracuse Orange
  5. Arizona Wildcats

Until next time folks….thanks for reading and enjoy the college basketball season.