NFL: Week 12 Duds

Dolphin Sprinklers

Ryan Lindley

I praised Janoris Jenkins in the studs. Now meet the guy who he returned two pick sixes against, Cardinals quarterback Ryan Lindley. Lindley threw two more interceptions on top of that. As a whole, the Arizona Cardinals have dropped seven straight.

Miami Dolphins Grounds Crew

In one of the most bizarre events during a football game players and referees got rained on during a sunny day. How? Well the sprinklers went off towards the end of the third quarter of the game between the Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks. However, the Dolphins were down by a touchdown when the sprinklers came on. After, they won the game. So maybe embarrassing for the Dolphins grounds crew, but a good luck charm for the Dolphins.

Philadelphia Eagles

Nick Foles is struggling. Jason Babin was released and now plays in Jacksonville. DeSean Jackson is out for the rest of the season with a rib injury. Andy Reid is on his way out (or so it seems) by the end of the year. Michael Vick thinks there is a conspiracy going around where the Eagles don’t want him to play because they still want to see if Nick Foles is the quarterback of the future. It is a mess in Philly. Remember last year when everyone said this was the “Dream Team”. Well, it’s more of a nightmare now.

Green Bay Packers

Granted Greg Jennings, Clay Matthews, Sam Shields and Charles Woodson were all injured. However, Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Green Bay Packers came out flat. The defense was torched, while the offense never was in sync after their first possession touchdown. That lost could prove to be an important one with the Chicago Bears still leading the NFC North.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Eight turnovers and a loss to the Cleveland Browns. Can’t get much worse than that. Big Ben wants to play soon, but looks very weak during practice. If he doesn’t play this week, he might try to play next week for sure, especially if the Steelers are going to make a final push into the playoffs.