NFL: Week 16 Duds

Jake Locker

Jake Locker

Locker only had 13 completions and threw two interceptions. At halftime against the Packers he was 3-of-12 for 35 yards.

Josh Freeman

Earlier in the year, I kept raving about Josh Freeman and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, however they are going the wrong way now. Freeman threw four interceptions for the second straight week as Tampa Bay lost its fifth straight.

Both New York Teams

Well, technically they play in New Jersey, but that’s beside the point. Both teams struggled. The Jets have been a circus the entire year, with the Tebow controversy. The Jets have been so bad, that Firemen Ed had to retire. And what’s worse? In week 16 they gave up 11 sacks. As for the Giants, down the stretch they have struggled. They were only able to muster 186 yards of offense (compared to 534 for Baltimore).

Pittsburgh Steelers

They have lost three straight. Big Ben has criticized his offensive coordinator and himself. They are virtually out of the playoffs. While I don’t think Mike Tomlin is on the hot-seat, this was a very odd year for the Steelers, who have been one of the more consistent teams in recent years.