NFL: Week 17 Studs

Alfred Morris

Alfred Morris

RG III has been getting most of the rookie attention in Washington, but Alfred Morris deserves some recognition as well. In week 17, Morris was a stud. Morris ran for 200 yards and three touchdowns in the Redskins’ 28-18 victory over Dallas. He finished the regular season with 1,613 rushing yards, a new a franchise record.

Adrian Peterson

He may have come a few yards short from Eric Dickerson’s rushing record, but last Sunday Peterson carried his team and the whole state of Minnesota on his back. The reward was a win against the Green Bay Packers and a trip to the playoffs. Peterson ran for 199 yards and a touchdown on 34 carries. He also had a touchdown reception.

Eli Manning

Eli Manning finally had a big game, but a little too late. Against the Philadelphia Eagles Manning put up huge numbers. Manning threw for 208 yards and five touchdowns the first five touchdown game of his career.

Rookie Quarterbacks

Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin all had one thing in common heading into the season. They were all rookie starting quarterbacks. Now they have another thing in common, they are all starting rookie quarterbacks going to the playoffs. Last year, TJ Yates and Andy Dalton were two rookie quarterbacks that made the playoffs. How will these three fair this year?

Tennessee Titans (minus the offense)

At one point the Titans scored 28 points unanswered and without the offense taking the field. How did they do it? Two touchdowns from the defense and two punt returns from Darius Reynaud. The Titans would win the game 38-20 over the Jaguars.