College Football: More Than A Game

nd bama

Every once and a while, there is a game that grabs everyone’s attention. Tonight’s BCS Championship game already has everyone’s attention. At 8:30 pm tonight, two of college footballs most historic programs will be battling for bragging rights as best in the land. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish (#1) will be facing the Alabama Crimson Tide (#2) in Miami for the BCS Championship, in what some can say is a classic, story book match-up for the biggest game of the season. Its blue collar (Irish) vs white collar (Tide). The underdogs against the favorites of all season. The comeback kids of South-bend are trying to knock off the reigning champs. The Irish, who haven’t won a championship in 24 years, are looking to return to the top of the sport that they once ruled. The Tide are looking to win their 3rd BCS Championship in 4 years while being coached by Nick Saban.

Some can say the Tide are looking to solidify their title as the dynasty of college football with a win tonight. With a high, fire powered offense led by hot shot QB A.J. McCarron, the Tide are looking to run past the Irish. Runner-up Heisman candidate Manti Te’o and defensive juggernaut, won’t let the Tide go easy. You can be sure that Te’o and the rest of the Irish will come out swinging and bring the heat right away. The Irish, who came back to win time and time again this season will not go quietly and will not let the Tide simply “roll”. I expect this game to go 15 rounds. Ali vs Frazier.

The magnitude of this game has grown over the past few weeks, and the hype is well deserved. The hype is real, believe it. Now I am by no means a fan of the Irish or the Tide and am not picking sides. I am a fan of sports and the drama that they bring. Tonight’s match up will bring the drama. Especially with the game of football. There is a pureness about the game that is embodied in these college athletes when we watch them play one the field. The “Leave it all out on the field” phrase will probably be thrown around a lot tonight but rightfully so. For some of these players, it could be the last game they ever suit up for. You can guarantee that the players for Notre Dame and ‘Bama will “leave it all on the field” tonight.